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CTA-030 1/72 North American AJ Savage

Lack of decals stops many of us from building kits. Now - one problem is less...

Drag from stash your Mach2, Airmodel, and maybe Rareplan kit and build it! New "Cut then Add" decal will give a realistic look to your North American AJ Savage kit!  The searches, comparisons, research, and help of hobby colleagues were embodied in the new original CTA decal for the 1/72 North American AJ Savage.


  1. AJ-1 Savage, 122591 / NB2, VC-5 “Savage Sons”, USS Coral Sea, April 1950. Early production aircraft with sliding canopy frame, without fitted prop spinners.
  2. AJ-1 Savage, NF4 / 124176 “ICHI BAN!”, VC-6 “Fleurs”, USS Kearsarge, July 1952.
  3. Retrofitted AJ-1 Savage, FG7 / 124856, VC-9 “Hooters”, USS Lake Champlain, January 1956.
  4. AJ-2 Savage, NH5 / 130415, VC-7 “Peacemakers”, USS Lake Champlain, December 1955.
  5. AJ-2P Savage, PB6 / 129185, VJ-61, USS Hornet, August 1955.
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