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"Cut then Add" Decals

002 1/144 "V-Bombers in Anti-flash white" - Vickers Valiant, Avro Vulcan, Handley-Page Victor.

002 1/144 $15.00

1) Vickers Valiant B(K)Mk.1 XD818, No.49 Squadron. Operation Grapple. First drop Hydrogen Bomb. Malden Island, South Pacific, 15 May 1957.
2) Vickers Valiant B.1 WZ401, No.207 Squadron. RAF Marham, flown by W/Cdr A D Dick, AFC. November 1963.
3) Avro Vulcan B.2 XH562, No.35 Squadron. RAF, 1962.
4) Avro Vulcan B.2 XM570, No.27 Squadron. RAF Scampton, 1963.
5) Handley Page Victor B.Mk.2 XL158, No.139 Squadron. RAF Wittering, early 1960s.
6) Handley Page Victor B.Mk.2 XM715, No.100 Squadron. RAF Wittering, April 1963.

017 1/144 Boeing E-767 AWACS, conversion set

017 1/144 Boeing E-767 AWACS, conversion set $32.00

Boeing E-767, 84-3504, 602nd Squadron of Airborne Early Warning Surveillance Group, Japan Air Self Defense Force, Hamamatsu Air Base, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan 2014.

Instruction sheet Instruction sheet decal sheet Resin cast

This set is intended for Zvezda 1/144 B767-300 kit but could be used with Revell's one as well. The set consist of 10 polyurethane parts, decal and instruction sheet. Bagged

CTAは、B767-300キットの1/144 E-767コンバージョンセットを発注できることを誇らしげに思い出します。 このセットはZvezda 1/144 B767-300キットを対象としていますが、Revellのものと併用することもできます。セットはポリウレタン10部、デカールと指示シートで構成されています。

044 1/144 EA-6B "Colorful Prowlers"

044 1/144 EA-6B $15.00

045 1/144 A-6 "Flock of Intruder"

045 1/144 A-6 $15.00

046 1/144 F-14A "Colorful Tomcats"

046 1/144 F-14A $15.00

047 1/144 "Welcome to the Jungle!"

047 1/144 $15.00

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