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CTA-063 1/32 Nakajima Type 97 Model 3 - B5N2 Kate

If you have a Nakajima B5N2 Kate 1/32 scale model kit (HPH / Infinity Models or maybe another kit?) on your waiting list, this "Cut then Add" decal is your choice.
11 marking options, from January 1941 to October 1944.

  1. VI-324, Aircraft Group of IJN Kaga, January 1941.
  2. BI-318, Aircraft Group of IJN Soryu, Wake Island Attack, December 1941.
  3. BII-328, Aircraft Group of IJN Hiryu, Ceylon raid, April, 1942.
  4. DII-300, Aircraft Group of IJN Shoho, Battle of Coral Sea, May 1942.
  5. BI-330, Aircraft Group of IJN Hiryu, Battle of Midway, June 1942.
  6. DI-308, Aircraft Group of IJN Ryujo, Aleutian Attack, June 1942.
  7. DIII-313, Aircraft Group of IJN Ryujo, Battle of Solomons Islands, August 1942.
  8. A1-3-305, Aircraft Group of IJN Zuiho, Truk Lagoon, February 1943.
  9. A1-2-304, Aircraft Group of IJN Shokaku, Truk Lagoon, October 1943.
  10. 312-52, 601 Kokutai, IJN Zuikaku, Inland Sea of Japan, February 1944.
  11. 4/653-346, 653rd kokutai, aircraft for reconnaissance duties, IJN Chiyoda, Leyte Gulf, October 1944.

CTA Decals 1/32 Nakajima 1/32 B5N2 Kate - instruction sheet CTA Decals 1/32 Nakajima 1/32 B5N2 Kate

CTA Decals 1/32 Nakajima 1/32 B5N2 Kate

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