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CTA-038 1/72 "Flock of Intruder"
Assault and Tanker version of Intruder is presented. Mainly in high visibility and one variant in a low visibility coloration. I was motivated by the desire to present paint options in my decal that is rarely found in other manufacturers. Pay attention in particular to aircraft from the VA-95 Green Lizards and VA-155 Silver Foxes squadrons. Intruders from the Vietnam War and the earliest versions of the A-6A, including those with a pitot tube installed in the wing, are also presented.

CTA 1/72 Flock of Intruder - Various A-6 variants CTA 1/72 Flock of Intruder - Various A-6 variants CTA 1/72 Flock of Intruder - Various A-6 variants


  1. A-6A, AD504/149941, VA-42 Green Pawns, USS Forrestal, August 1963.
  2. A-6A, AE400/151780, VA-85 Black Falcons, prepare to deployment to USS Enterprise, 1964.
  3. A-6B, NH520/151559, VA-75 Sunday Punchers, USS Kitty Hawk, January 1968.
  4. A-6C, NG514/155684, VA-165 Boomers, USS America, May 1970.
  5. KA-6D, NF514/151827, VA-115 Arabs, USS Midway, June 1972.
  6. KA-6D, AA514/149936, VA-155 Silver Foxes, USS Independence, August 1988.
  7. A-6E, AE502/154126, VA-176 Thunderbolts, USS America, February 1978.
  8. A-6E TRAM, NH512/159895, VA-95 Green Lizards, USS America, May 1981.
  9. A-6E TRAM, AG520/155715, VA-34 Blue Blasters, USS George Washington, June 1994.

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