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Anybody needs a unmanageable ebay account?

Dear Friends, thank you for your questions. ebay employees have curve hands, therefore I was forced to change accounts. Anybody needs a unmanageable ebay account? ebay is unable to cope with their own problems. Employees of ebay have very low qualifications. Here customer reviews of account, for which ebay has created problems. You can purchase decals directly on ctamodels.com. This is my new account, for those, who keeps peace of mind with ebay only.

New shipping terms

From 12.01.2017 - flat rate shipping $ 7.50 per order.

Real savings on shipping for those wishing to purchase a few decals

Shipping / Payment

I accept payments through PayPal.

I send orders one time per 3 days. Your decals will send by regular airmail from Moscow, RF.

Flat rate shipping only $ 6.00 per order.

Tracking number will be provided in PayPal system right after parcel sending.

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Some thoughts rather new decal developing , kits, decals and others aftermarket review, plus - others chatter


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